Buzzed Beer Week: The Best Places to Have a Pint Al Fresco


Oh my goodness, today is one gorgeous day. A perfect 75 degrees, with a breeze to rustle the hair. Not so much the kind of day for a Manhattan or a class of Cab, but a good day to pop a beer in an unpretentious space in the great outdoors. Here are, in my opinion, SF's best places to do just that.

Zeitgeist (199 Valencia St., 415-255-7505) A classic. Lots of space, lots of people to watch, great selection of beer on tap, and great burgers. Only complaint: the deafening music.
The Ramp An oasis in the industrial warzone of China Basin, this place is amazingly relaxing—decent beers but just a mellow, slightly Jimmy Buffett-ish feel.
The Irish Bank A nook in the heart of the city, there's a great selection of beers to be enjoyed in the relative shelter of a downtown alley.
Finnegan's Wake Cole Valley's little secret is the back patio of this bar. Lots of space, good brews, and a ping-pong table. What else do you need?
El Rio A place that understands the mojo of Mexican beer, El Rio's patio feels like a back yard. Drinking laconically there makes for a good life.


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