Calling All #Kampioneers! Sapporo Wants Your Photos


Sapporo, the original Japanese beer, criss-crossed the country looking for those who embody the true spirit of originality. Now, they want to honor them as the Kampioneers (pronounced kam-PIE-oh-nirs) that they are. But they're not stopping there. Whether you’ve got a unique sense of style, an unconventional hobby or just don’t confine yourself to traditions, they want to hear your story.

Join Sapporo on Facebook to see the Kampioneer album and share your own pictures - of you, a friend or someone you saw.

As the original Japanese beer, Sapporo knows a thing or two about following its own path. It all goes back to Seibei Nakagawa who was pursuing his dream to travel. While in Germany, he had an encounter that set him on a different path - brewing the perfect beer. He studied the art of brewing, and then took everything he learned back to his native land and brewed the very first Japanese beer. The result? Sapporo Premium beer.

First brewed in 1876 and appreciated ever since for its crisp, clean taste. As Sapporo knows a thing or two about being themselves. In Japan, they say “Kampai,” or cheers to those who feel the same.

Look for Sapporo Premium, Reserve and Light near you, and check them out on Facebook to see our latest #Kampioneers.

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