This post on Explore the Pour rang true with me since I've started working a couple of bartending shifts at Cantina. My problem isn't the incessant muddling of mojitos (we get a few orders every night for these, but nothing over the top), but rather the toll of hand-squeezing hundreds of limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits in a night. The day after a shift, my hands are a bit cramped and in desperate need of a good massage.

Mega-sized rinds

The most annoying fruit to hand-squeeze, by the way, is not the lime (by far the largest percentage of the fruit we squeeze) but the lemons, which we get in these obnoxiously large sizes with a tough and useless rind that can measure about a quarter-of-an-inch thick (looks like the one in the left of this picture). Those are some tough mothers.

And when life gives you lemons like that, what do you make? Lime-ade.