Cartier's flagship boutique celebrated the grand re-opening of its new 6,000-foot space, designed by French architect Bruno Moinard, which is more than double the size of its original 23-year-old Union Square location. Celebrities and socialites such as Molly Sims, Vanessa Getty and Tatianna Sorokko graced the red carpet, and Mayor Gavin Newsom even proclaimed Sept. 6 as "Cartier Love Day" to commemorate the opening.

 Urannia Ristow_Cecilia Harris Yuan Yuan Tan_Linda Cheng Rachel & Mark Barbagelata
Urannia Ristow, Cecilia Harris   Yuan Yuan Tan, Linda Cheng   Rachel & Mark Barbagelata

Paul & Elizabeth Touw Robert Atkinson_Toni Wolfson Lisa Pritzker_Jennifer Siebel
Paul & Elizabeth Touw              Robert Atkinson, Toni Wolfson   Lisa Pritzker, Jennifer Siebel

Pasha_Laney Thornton Rosanna Burkowitz_Scott Harkonen Lisa Alexander_Lindsay Bolton
Pasha & Laney Thornton    Rosanna Burkowitz, Scott Harkonen  Lisa Alexander, Lindsay Bolton

Katya & Tatiana Sorokko Kirsten Bartok_Nicole Bulick Elizabeth Falkner_Sabrina Riddle
Katya & Tatiana Sorokko          Kirsten Bartok, Nicole Bulick    Elizabeth Falkner, Sabrina Riddle

Jennifer Siebel_Gavin Newsom_Molly Sims Cartier Opening Skillman_Murray_Zieplinska
Jennifer S., Gavin Newsom, Molly Sims    Alexandra Skillman, Doug Murray, Roxanna Zieplinska

Marsall_Keehn_Smith_Van De Mark
Steven Marsall, Dorka Keehn, Damian Smith, Donald Van De Mark

Frédéric de Narp (CEO, Cartier North America), Elizabeth Touw, Kelly Grimes, Bruno Moinard

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