HBO's dramedy "Looking," now filming its second season, is looking for a gaggle of gay or gay-for-pay types to appear on screen as an extra. Might you be one of them? 

Although, according to the casting call, "[t]here is a constant need for men and women in their 20s-30s to portray hipsters, LGBT community, bar goers, etc.," the fine folks in casting also seek the following: "beach goers," "lifeguard certified men" (hot), a "pupusa cart lady" (pfft, just get the Tamale Lady to make a cameo, HBO), something gloriously frightening called Forest Partiers (i.e., "partying & dancing; young men & bear types; women to portray lesbians, butch types; transgender men & women...nude-willing men"), and a young butch lesbian friend for Ritchie.

Quentin Crisp types need not apply. Alas.

[via: The Bold Italic