CCA's Farm-Inspired Meals: This Wednesday at Careme 350


A few months ago we kicked off an exciting relationship with the California Culinary Academy. The school had expressed interest in introducing their graduating chefs to some local farms and artisans and we were more than happy to connect them with a few of our market vendors.  On May 12th, the fourth installment of the resulting series of farm-inspired meals will take place at the Academy’s Careme 350 Restaurant.  This month’s lunch and dinner will feature spring produce from Knoll Farms. Knoll’s organic vegetables are at their prime right now and these aspiring chefs should have plenty to work with.

In 1979, Rick and Kristie Knoll purchased a weedy 10-acre alfalfa field in Brentwood that was converted into a thriving and productive farm. The Knolls, who recently celebrated the farms thirtieth anniversary, grow some of the finest local produce in the Bay Area. In addition to the great variety of product grown on their farm they also raise 20 free-range chickens, a potbellied pig, two cats, one dog and a host of beneficial birds and insects. Everyone and everything on this farm is integral to creating its thriving, bio-dynamic ecosystem. The Knolls bring their wonderful product to our Saturday market each week and Rick and Kristie also have a loyal following among some of the best restaurants in the area.

You can reserve seats for the CCA Knoll Farms lunch or dinner online at or by calling 415-216-4115. Kristie Knoll will be there to enjoy the lunch this batch of new chefs creates and to answer your questions. I hope we’ll see you there!

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