Celebrate Obama's Inauguration Without Spending $400,000


With all the excitement about Barack Obama arriving in at the Hay-Adams hotel in DC, Sasha and Malia starting at Sidwell Friends School, the choice of family dog  – and oh yeah, incoming President Obama saving the world, many of us have forgotten the other awesome thing about Inauguration Day --- Bush is leaving!!!!!!!!!  That's right, it's time to celebrate.

So what, you didn't shell out $440,000 for the Omni Shoreham Hotel Commander-in-Chief Inaugaration package?  (The private jet, the presidential puppy, the trip to Russia - wtf? -and the $44,00 shopping spree are sooo worth it). Don't fret - there are a variety of ways to celebrate in The Bay Area.

Here's what's on our list:

1. The Parkway Theater, the famous pizza and beer movie house speakeasy in Oakland, is screening the telecast of the Inaugurantion Speech.  With Bloody Marys.

2. NextArts will be simulcasting the Inauguration in front of City Hall from 7 to noon. The event is free, but partakers are asked to bring new socks or underwear (tag still attached) as a charitable donation.

3. Head to the corner of Bush & Presidio -- by the "END BUSH" street sign 9:00am on Tuesday January 20 (and please post a comment here after to tell me who showed up!)

4. Skate in the new prez at the “Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration Skater's Ball” at FunkyTown Roller Rink.  Here, “skaters can share the First Family's love of skating,” boogie to the old school funk and roller disco and watch live TV coverage. And, who knows, maybe enter the Barack, Sarah or Gavin look-alike contests?

After 8 long years in which all we could do was to “talk about it talk about it talk about it”, we can now – as one nation – skate straight to funky town.

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