Revolution Summer
Revolution Summer; courtesy of Gray Eminence Films

Here's a few film happenings to check out while you get over your post-Labor Day blues. Be Bad and get into trouble while watching Walking to Werner, baby.


Walking to Werner; courtesy of Linas Films

Film Happenings Round Town:

•     Billy Friedkin Film Fest (Castro Theater) - September 4th to 13th
•     Revolution Summer (2007) Dir. Montalbano - Roxie (tonight)
•     Walking to Werner (2007) Dir. Phillips - Red Vic Movie House (starts Sunday)
•    Rescue Dawn (2007) Dir. Herzog – Opera Plaza
•    The Simpsons Movie (2007) Dir. Silverman – Everywhere
•    Rocket Science (2007) Dir. Blitz – Embarcadero
•    2 Days in Paris (2007) Dir. Delpy - Embarcadero