photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The 15th Annual Celebrity Pool Toss, which was held poolside at the Phoenix hotel, raised more than $1 million for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation's programs for kids and families. Local celebrities who were thrown into the pool included Robert Mailer Anderson, Daniel Lurie, Chris and Amber Marie Bently, and Joey Altman.

Jan Wahl_Joey Altman Stella Roberts_Anna Wachs Tom Ferguson_Christy McVeigh
Jan Wahl, Joey Altman                Stella Roberts, Anna Wachs     Tom Ferguson, Christy McVeigh

Chris & Amber Marie Bently Lebaron Meyers_Matt Smith BethanyStiles_LuckyStewart
Chris & Amber Marie Bently        Lebaron Meyers, Matt Smith        Bethany Stiles, Lucky Stewart

Markey Luv_Connie Champagne_Bud E. Luv Heather Stewart_Rebekah Doughty
Markey Luv, Connie Champagne, Bud E. Luv             Heather Stewart, Rebekah Doughty

Daniel Lurie Gary Lawler_Laura Cunningham
Daniel Lurie                                                                        Gary Lawler, Laura Cunningham

Joey Altman Betty Kay Coakley_Elizabeth Compton
Joey Altman                                                                    Betty Kay Coakley, Elizabeth Compton

David Isljamovski_Mark Neff_Matt Neff Donna Sachet_Rafael Musni
David Isljamovski, Mark & Matt Neff                                 Donna Sachet, Rafael Musni

Crunch Lifeguards
Crunch lifeguards

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