General perception states science and art are mutually exclusive fields.  Bay Area artists Paul Baker and Chris Angell beg to differ.  In their art show “Celestial Navigation,” March 17-21 at the Live Worms Gallery, Baker and Angell begin to blur the dividing line.  Baker, a self-described “scientific artist,” combines exotic materials like jade, mercury, petrified mammoth tusk, and laser beams to create ornate machines resembling a Niels Bohr experiment.  Multi-award-winning assemblage artist, Angell constructs raw-looking sculptures from slightly modified found objects.  It’s the ultimate confluence of science’s imaginative side and the meticulousness of art -- and solid evidence that they are each other’s muses.

Check out the opening reception on Friday, March 19 from 6 - 10 p.m. or Saturday's Equinox Party from 7 - 11 p.m., both featuring live celestially-themed music, wine and more. And while you're in the neighborhood, take note of participating merchants on Grant Avenue such as Paparazzi and Alla Prima that have themed their window displays after the exhibit. Dreamy.

Paul Baker Art, March 17-21, Live Worms Gallery, 1345 Grant Ave., 415-307-1222, Free.