We wrote earlier this week about the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control's assault on several of the city's all-ages venues. As it turns out, ABC officials have pledged to try and work it out with venues and state legislators instead of making up clauses in an attempt to shut clubs down. State Senator Mark Leno took up the cause and met with ABC chief Steve Harvey. According to the Chronicle, there's no update on the individual cases already in motion, but Leno is quoted as saying: "It was a positive meeting," said Leno, D-San Francisco. "(Hardy) came out wanting to work with me ... and said he is anything but interested in seeing businesses close." Guess when you're the chief bureaucrat and a lawmaker threatens to limit the scope of your authority with legislation, you smile, nod, and agree to play nice. Let's hope this means the unicorns have been banished and the city's all-ages clubs are safe from the ABC!