Here's to Buzzed, Jordan's new blog.
It's Tuesday, which means you're probably here looking to read about all things drinkable. You may be wondering: Who is this writer, and what has she done with Jordan?
As far as Jordan is concerned, look no further than Buzzed. That's right, raise a glass and toast our second blog spin-off! Bookmark Buzzed now and get your fill of Jordan several times a week.
As for me, I'm the new senior editor at Every week I'll write about something newsy--from restaurant happenings and cooking gadgets to foodie events and the industry's latest.
What's on my radar for this week? Top on my list is Taste 2007 at Root Division on Thursday. It's a sensory smorgasbord featuring food prepared by eight local chefs from restaurants the likes of Bar Crudo, Maverick, Pescheria and Ozumo, sculptures and installations by 15 visual artists and blues-driven beats from the Wil Blades Trio. Proceeds from the event benefit Root Division, a non-profit arts and art education organization in the Mission.
Come by and say hi.