Nicole and Doug met when they were little kids, growing up in Sebastopol and West Marin. Then, they went their separate ways.

Nicole is a writer for NPR and heads up the epicurean blog Cucina Nicolina and Doug is a diplomat who speaks who speaks many languages. When they rediscovered each other as adults, they shared so many interests - travel, food, beaches, running, a grand sense of humor, and classic rock!

The Pelican Inn is a dream come true. A quirky, personality-filled British inn and pub surrounded by all of the quintessential natural beauty of Marin - think rolling hills, pristine beaches, cliff-side hiking trails that lead into the redwood forests. It could not be more perfect for these two with their Marin roots and British forebears.

Add in the incredible details: Nicole’s homemade blackberry jam (remember she’s a highly regarded food blogger), apple place card holders (picked from her parents' tree in Sebastopol) laid over a British flag (he’s half British), Doug’s hand-painted creatures on the name cards, truly incredible flowers from Fleurs de Fallon, long candlelit tables, and homemade wedding cake. That's right. Nicole baked her own six-tier wedding cake and a flourless chocolate cake. You can read about her wedding from her perspective on her food blog

Photographer: Andi Hatch Photography

Floral Designer: Fleurs de Fallon

Reception Venue: Pelican Inn

Cake Designer: Cucina Nicolina