photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Circle & Square (344 Presidio Ave.) celebrated its grand opening with a party that showcased artisan and design objects from around the world.

Bunny Fayne_Lee Miltier Val Kivett_Casie Clymer Joszi Meskan_Heidi McKibben
Bunny Fayne, Lee Miltier               Val Kivett, Casie Clymer            Joszi Meskan, Heidi McKibben

Kate Horan_Eric Medley Andrea Hutter_Sonia Salzman Kim Honeysett_Liz Yee
Kate Horan, Eric Medley               Andrea Hutter, Sonia Salzman       Kim Honeysett, Liz Yee

Casie Clymer_Andrea Hutter Sammy Dunn_Anika Ruhland Mindy Phillips_Eric Starr
Casie C., Andrea H                       Sammy Dunn, Anika Ruhland    Mindy Phillips, Eric Starr

Rachel Metzger_Brett Metzger_Victor Trina O'Donohoe_Kevin Margita
Rachel & Brett Metzger with Victor                                                    Trina O'Donohoe, Kevin Margita

Kathleen Hanna_Wendy Richardson Meg Schultz_Steven Fayne
Kathleen Hanna, Wendy Richardson                                                Meg Schultz, Steven Fayne
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