photography by Rick Camargo

The masters of the modern circus premiered Kooza, the new Cirque du Soleil show, under the big top at AT&T Park San Francisco on Friday. As with every Cirque show, it was spellbinding, mesmerizing, it was all I hoped it would be and more.

As ever, Kooza is like every Cirque show—an all-sensory experience; a sonic, visual performance spectacle that did not disappoint from beginning to end. The performances, music, costumes and staging—it was Cirque at it’s best … it’s brilliant, spellbinding and comical best.

The clowns were as usual the comic glue that held the show together, and this year they were funny and not the annoying filler from years past. There were many show stoppers; the aerial acts provided the most breathtaking, and indeed, thrilling moments of the evening. And the night's big surprise: the acrobats who worked a spinning wheel of death the way a kid would a bicycle—fearless.

Cirque triumphed. I highly recommend it as a must-see show for the holidays.
Ooh I almost forgot, the after-party at AT&T Park was cool too.