The Clift Hotel hosted a halloween party in the Redwood Room that honored the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and brought out locals such as former mayor Willie Brown and visitors like Lance Bass.

Allison Koch_Doug Dalton Zey Taslica_Elyssa Thorp Simon Adams_Brandy Regan
Allison Koch, Doug Dalton              Zey Taslica, Elyssa Thorp       Simon Adams, Brandy Regan

Taylor Haisch_Raya Belna Nicolette Frink_Georgia Wien Eddie Snapshot_Kara Murphy
Taylor Haisch, Raya Belna         Nicolette Frink, Georgia Wien    Eddie Snapshot, Kara Murphy

Heather Wiley_Justin Fichelson_Willie Brown Athena Papazekos_Louisa Berg
Heather Wiley, Justin Fichelson, Willie Brown                                Athena Papazekos, Louisa Berg

Mike Cherin, Sarah Lent, Kristen Roth, Allison Heiland, Theresa Ramko

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