Heads up, club music fans: Britain-born and LA-bred Woolfy, who has been a fixture on the scene since the early 90s, is rolling through SOM Bar this Friday, and we at 7x7 are stoked to help put on the show, along with one of the city's finest dance nights, FACE.

Woolfy's no one trick pony. He's got an ear for blending everything from house to disco to post-punk into perfect party-starting jams. Throw on "Odyssey" for its slowed-down, funked-out bass line, or the beautiful "Looking Glass", a layer cake of synths and undulating club beats. FACE DJs Eug and J. Montag will open the night, and there will be vodka drink specials all night long. If you get there before 11 pm, it's only $5 at the door.

SOM Bar, 2925 16th St., 9:30 pm-3 am