Mark and Susie Buell hosted a cocktail party for Robert Redford following the SF premiere of his latest film, Lions for Lambs, in which he stars with Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise (the film opened at the newly renovated Sundance Cinemas Kabuki). Former president Bill Clinton, among other luminaries, was in attendance.

Bill Clinton_Erin Moos Amy Redford_Paul Pelosi Robert Redford_Bylle Szaggars
Bill Clinton, Erin Moos                 Amy Redford, Paul Pelosi           Robert Redford, Bylle Szaggars

Tom Steyer_Mark Buell Michael Blue_Christina Blue Karen Thiebaud_Karen Purcell
Tom Steyer, Mark Buell               Michael & Christina Blue             Karen Thiebaud, Karen Purcell

Caroline Curton_Nick Curton Kyle Redford_Rekha Mallya Sonya Molodetskaya_Bill Clinton
Caroline & Nick Curton               Kyle Redford, Rekha Mallya        Sonya Molodetskaya, Bill C.

Erin Moos_Claire Cullis_Leah Cullis Vickie_Steven Mavromihalis
Erin Moos, Claire Cullis, Leah Cullis                                          Vickie & Steven Mavromihalis

Szaggars_Mavromihalis_Mavromihalis Sabrina Buell_Athena Tsakopoulos
Bylle Szaggars, Steven & Vickie M.                                     Sabrina Buell, Athena Tsakopoulos

Frazier_K. Redford_J. Redford_A. Redford
Ian Frazier, Kyle Redford, James Redford, Amy Redford

Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, Bylle S., Robert R., Markos Kounalakis

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