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Jennifer Sitko, co-founder of 2Modern, gives us a peak of her unique collection of napkin rings at her Mill Valley home. Ranging from quirky (think precariously perched pears) to exotic (a wooden giraffe carving), Sitko's collection adds a playful element to any table setting.

How did you start collecting napkin rings?
My mom started the collection for my sister and me when we were little. Ever since I can remember, she would go on different vacations and she'd bring us back each a napkin ring. I don't have any that are the same. Her thoughts were that they are a collection that you should be using for everyday, as well as for company. They're conversation starters. So you should be able to use them and tell the story behind them.

What countries do you have napkin rings from?

I have a couple from all over Europe. I have some from the Caribbean. During my own travels I've also started to collect them. They're not that easy to find. I was recently in India and was looking for them, but they just don't use them. I also searched all over Thailand. I think the concept of a napkin ring is more European.

What are the characteristics of a true collector? Do you fit the profile?

I think a true collector is probably someone who is a little bit more obsessed than I am. My mom started the collection for us, so it's more of a tradition. It is definitely something I would like to continue though and also continue it on for my children.

Do you and your sister ever fight over which ones you get?

We did actually because they were combined at one point until college. She would say, "No, this one was mine!" and I'd be like "No that one was mine!" We particularly fought over a really cute one with a deer on it. I ended up getting it.

Does 2modern carry napkin rings?
It doesn't, but maybe perhaps we will sometime. It would make an interesting 2modern contest—a design contest on our blog for the best napkin ring. I like that idea.


Photos Courtesy of Lisa Hampton & Jennifer Sitko

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