From Buddhist reincarnation to fertility goddesses who order pie at a southern cafeteria, CounterPULSE’s newest Diaspora is full of the usual expanding-traditional-art-forms goodness, now in dance form. Nurturing experimentation (much like your college dorm room) (just sayin’), CounterPULSE presents artists who play with classical performing arts in an innovative way.

Up this month is an Indonesian version of the rain dance and a Cambodian meditation on love. Dewi Sri at the Picadilly features an Indonesian fertility goddess who urges rice crops to grow in the deep south. A one-woman dialogue with dance and spoken word, this piece explores the deeper meanings of food, as well as body image for dancers. Pulling from the sinuous aesthetic of Cambodian dance, Robam Snaih Buon (Dance of Four Loves) is a quartet of four short dances that looks at form and spirit, using the human experience of love and Hindu-Buddhist ideas of reincarnation.  


October 14-17. 1310 Mission Street. Tickets are $14-24 at