There are generally two types of city inhabitants: those eager to jump into the thick of metropolitan life in all its gritty, raw beauty, and those who balk at the thought. If you consider yourself the former, this week's Craigslist deal is for you. Located downtown in the 'love it or leave it' Tenderloin, it's not a home for the weak of heart. But for central location, ease of transportation, and authentic city living, it can't be beat.

The bright and spiffed-up studio is located in a new building (built in 2008) at Hyde and Turk, within walking distance of the Central Y, the Opera Plaza, and yes, a few less than savory characters. Desired features include hardwood floors, granite here, marble there, and even a little balcony off the back. If you've got the incentive and adventure it takes to make your mark in the 'Loin, find out more about the studio here.