City living is, by nature, not for the claustrophobe. Live here without a trust fund and at one point you'll probably have an apartment the size of a half-bathroom in the Midwest. Fair enough; we're all for small-space living, and it's a price most would pay to live here. But something feels inherently wrong to us still with living, eating, and sleeping in the same room. The pungent cooking fumes saturating your sheets, dirty dishes infiltrating your dreams–and don't even get us started on crumbs in the bed.

No, we need a fine separation between bed and kitchen, which is why this week's deal looks so appealing. This Sunset studio has separate kitchen and dining space, including that glorious built-in shown here. You also get an entryway (just imagine!), hardwood floors, and lovely bay windows. The location is a block from the N-Judah and UCSF, and only three away from Cole Valley, making it a choice spot for students and commuters alike. So go ahead and bust out that branzino recipe you've been dying to try; you'll be spared those dreams of sleeping with the fishes from now on. Beautiful Studio Apartment