If the rental market is any indication, we believe that San Francisco might be facing its greatest shortage of collar poppers since the late 1960s. How else can we explain the rise in affordable apartments currently available in the Marina? Did they all move to SoMa? All joking aside, the plethora of inexpensive rental options north of Union hasn't gone undetected by our trained Craigslist eyes. Perhaps the neighborhood isn't as fashionable as its heyday (we're guessing the 80s and early 90s treated it very well), but that shouldn't detract deal hunters from checking out potential apartment openings in the area. Cut through the stereotypes and you've got a neighborhood replete with grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters, ample shopping and more gyms than you can shake a Tiffany charm bracelet at. You've also got water and parks close by, and at this plum spot you'll be within a quick walk of all of it. Throw in your own walk-in closet and heat and water included and things are looking pretty good, popped collar or no. Top Floor Marina Studio