A studio on Union? Hmm... you're planning on getting into some trouble, aren't you? A perfect crash pad for a bro or broad new to the city, you'll be within spitting distance to the heart of the Marina's nightlife. And since it's a studio, you won't have to hear it from your roommates the next time you bring the after-party home.

This week's Craigslist deal is located right at the corner of Union and Fillmore, close to restaurants, shopping, and of course, bars. It's a studio with both an extra large closet and dining area; depending on the size, some clever arranging and a small bed could turn this into a junior one bedroom. We like that it's on Fillmore too, so tenants will get a bit more quiet than if it were on the cross street. Something you'll appreciate on mornings (afternoons?) when it's time for a little recuperation.  $1450 Beautiful Studio