Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Lower Haight 1 Bedroom


Despite common belief, there's something to be said for living on a busy street. We grew up on one, and the whir of constantly flowing traffic acted as white noise and actually helped us fall asleep at night. It can also be convenient: busier streets are usually connected to other major roads and nearby transportation. Perhaps most importantly (for this column, at least), living on a busy street often means lower rent - you get a deal because many prefer a quiet neighborhood to one with more hustle and bustle. If you're not of that view point, this apartment on Oak may be just the place for you. The big, attractive one bedroom boasts hardwood floors and a few built-ins, along with checkerboard flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and french double doors leading from the living room to the bedroom. Judging from the pictures, it appears that most of the windows look out on a quiet backyard area, as opposed to Oak Street. Other pluses of the location? You're minutes to the 101 and only a few short blocks to all the unique shops the Lower Haight has to offer. Bright One Bedroom on Oak

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