Wow, that is one shiny floor. I'd like to do a sock-clad slide, "Risky Business"-style, across that floor, or practice my moonwalk. You could catch a tan off the gleam! Obviously I'm a sucker for refinished hardwood floors, and who wouldn't be? They're quite pretty, and a good sign that an apartment is being properly maintained. That's a vote of confidence for this week's Craigslist Deal, a $1525 studio located at Carl and Willard.

Other good signs? There's laundry in the building, what looks to be original built-ins in the kitchen, and a lovely little bathroom. You're right on the N line, offering easy access to downtown, and within a few blocks of central Cole Valley. It's also an ideal location for anyone commuting to UCSF, which is pretty much as close as you can get without being subjected to sirens all night long. If it sounds like the perfect spot for you–or if you're simply mesmerized by those floors–find out more.  Immaculate Studio