In the city, "junior one bedroom" apartment listings often mean that you'll be sleeping in a closet. This week's Craigslist deal isn't going to do you quite like that. With a bedroom measuring 9' x 9', you'll be able to fit a queen-size bed in there, and since the room actually has a closet inside of it no one can dog you for sleeping where your clothes should go (we'll disregard that said closet has mirrored doors and the bedroom only three walls - you've got to pick your battles).

Steer your visitors instead into the charming living area, which includes an updated kitchen and an 8' x 8' window with views of the bay. Other perks? Water and garbage are included and an indoor parking space is available for an additional $200. Find out more at the open house today, Monday, November 9th at 5:30PM. Fantastic Jr 1 Bedroom