Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1595 Inner Richmond 1Bdrm


While I've been dying to get a dog for years, a part of me feels like city pups get the short end of the (fetching) stick. Being stuck in an apartment for most of the day then let out only to walk around a concrete jungle trying to find the tiniest swatch of green to pee on–it just doesn't seem too fair. But the location of this week's pet-friendly Craigslist Deal could make me change my tune.

Situated on 9th Avenue at Clement, you'll have San Francisco's two biggest green spaces within walking distance. Yup, it's two blocks to the Presidio and only four to Golden Gate Park, meaning Fido will have his choice of prime Frisbee and catch locations within a tennis ball's throw of home. And if you're in the process of housetraining the little guy, the hardwood floors throughout the apartment mean no more trips to the hardware store for a carpet cleaner rental - hurrah! You also get a recently updated kitchen and bathroom, and garbage and water included in rent.

If you prefer cats, well, that's just bizarre. But you'll be happy to note that they're permitted in the unit as well. Large One Bedroom with Natural Light

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