Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1595 NoPa Jr 1 Bdrm


Sometimes I just can't be bothered with moving outside of a 5 block radius from my home–and by "sometimes" I mean pretty much all of the time. I like to blame it on MUNI's hatefulness (a great defense as you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't concur), but really it's just that my current 'hood has all it takes to keep me happy, and moving my bum for anything more sounds like effort better put towards Jenga championships, Mad Men marathons, and other matters of great import.

This week's Craigslist deal might be just the place for people with similar tendencies, but who'd like to nip this lazy habit in the bud (I'm a lost cause–save yourself). Located in NoPa at Scott and Hayes, you're in the center of fun restaurants, hip events (hello, Independent), across the street from Alamo Square and an easy walk to GGP. And if you're in the mood to wander, you can get pretty much everywhere in the city in a flash thanks to a central location and a steady stream of cabs on Divis. The actual apartment isn't too shabby, either; hardwood floors, a remodeled kitchen, beautiful bathroom, and in-building laundry will make it hard to leave, and a dining nook and giant closet are both big enough to fit a small bed. See, it's just cozy enough to keep you happy in your bubble, but offers more than enough reasons to get out and about as well. Remodeled Sunny Jr. 1 Bedroom

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