It's rare that we see any apartments downtown that are affordable, so even though this studio is slightly out of the price range we usually cover it seemed worth a peek. Its location at New Montgomery and Howard is just a hop, skip an a jump away from the Financial District, which, we're not going to lie, is the main thing the place has going for it. No hardwood floors or french doors here, folks - it's a studio furnished with a pull out-couch and (this one hurts) a "halogen torchiere lamp". Ouch. Pretty much every apartment we've ever moved into included one of those abandoned lamps, but listing it as an attribute in your ad is like waxing poetic about the box of baking soda that's still in the fridge - it's not exactly a selling point. But we digress. If you're a "first one to the office, last one to leave" type of go-getter, why not make it easy on yourself and get an inexpensive place downtown? Bonus, you've got a washer and dryer in the unit, so you'll always look crisp when heading to your desk. Modern Studio Near Financial District