A spacious Victorian sounds like an oxymoron; usually these quintessential San Francisco homes are heavy on architectural charm but short on space and light. However, this ground floor unit located across the street from Buena Vista Park manages to have its built-ins and room to enjoy them, too. The living room and bathroom both offer plenty of space to move about, and the kitchen looks like a traditional galley that's been stretched to accommodate even the most ambitious of cooking projects.

Other major perks include a washer and dryer located inside the unit, a private entrance, and access to a charming English garden located at the back of the house. If it all sounds just too good to be true, it could be–at least for those lankier apartment-seekers among us. A word of warning if you're over 6 feet tall: That cross-beam ceiling might be a joy to look at, but for you it's just a concussion waiting to happen.  Quiet, Charming, Spacious Full-Floor in Victorian