Living within walking distance of work is a dream for many, but with rent prices in our City's center continuously climbing skywards, it can be a hard one to realize. Yet with a lot of luck and many hours spent searching, you might be able to score discount digs downtown. That, or you can just check out this week's Craigslist deal.

Located at Clay and Taylor in Nob Hill, one could conceivably walk to work to the Union Square area or Financial District; and on mornings when you've rolled out of bed at the last possible second, just hop on one of the many trolleys (yes, locals are allowed to ride them too) or buses in the area. Happily, the one bedroom unit doesn't sacrifice looks for location either, with hardwood floors throughout, glass double doors in the living room, and a striking fireplace and bay windows swanking up the bedroom.

Sound like enough to trade your MUNI pass for some walking shoes? Find out more about the apartment here.