Finding a pretty, pet-friendly apartment in this city is like discovering a four-leaf clover: If you're lucky enough to spot one, pluck it up immediately. Of course, you'll no doubt have to pay a little more for such a place, but what's a few extra dollars between you and man's best friend?

Despite a monthly rent just shy of two grand, this handsome apartment is absolutely a deal to be had. Its large, spacious rooms come with hardwood floors, crown molding, French double doors separating the living spaces, and flattering built-ins in the kitchen. Situated in the middle of the building, it's unlikely to get much natural light, but seeing as your only half a block from Lafayette Park, you should be able to get your daily dose of vitamin D, anyhow.

Find the same place three blocks west and expect at least another $500 tacked onto the rent, which, until Fido lands that Alpo spokesdog role, we're guessing he isn't good for. Spacious Pac Heights Apartment