Craigslist Deal of the Week: $890 Furnished 1 Bdrm in Noe


First apartments can be daunting. When I first moved to San Francisco it was with little more than a few pots and pans and a sheet set to my name. My first place in town consisted of a mattress on the ground (sans box spring), a chair, and a desk–and it stayed that way for longer than I care to admit. Yes, with so much to see and do in a new city, setting up your home in a timely fashion can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, this week's fully-furnished Craigslist Deal will take care of all that pesky decorating, and at under $900, no less.

Situated on Guerrero at the border of the Mission and Noe Valley, I'll call it kismet that it's located in the vicinity of my first SF place. With no given cross street though it's hard to say what exactly you'd be getting into, but the inside looks quite comfortable, and all those bay windows are quite a draw. Rip off that bed skirt/duvet cover combo and you'll have a delightful little home for a hard-to-beat price, all ready to go–leaving you time to explore your new city, rather than your local Bed Bath & Beyond. Furnished 1 Bdrm in Noe

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