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Shopping at Barneys always leaves me full of want, yet unfulfilled. There are so many beautiful things there. So many beautiful things that I can’t afford. (This is not to say that I don’t go back often, like some sort of shopping masochist.)

Luckily, a completely affordable experience is to be had, right next door to Barneys, at Crepe O Chocolat (75 O'Farrell St., 415-362-0255) The little café, owned by former Parisian Sylvie Krawec (who's originally from Madagascar), has been there for five years now and the lovely Krawec is inevitably behind the counter, doing everything herself and serving everyone with a smile. She makes crepes, both sweet and savory, presses sandwiches, serves up salads, makes espresso and sells all of her chocolates and sweets, which she makes herself.

The best little sandwich in Union Square.

But it's all about her newest additions: $5 skinny baguette sandwiches, some warmed on a panini press, some served at room temp. It’s the bread that make them—a nice and chewy black-olive bread with a gentle crust. (Apparently, she has the little loaves made especially for her.)

Since Crepe O Chocolate is around the corner from our office, every editor at 7x7 has indulged in one or another of her concoctions, from the saucisson and butter to the preserved cherries, goat cheese and spinach to omelet with mushrooms. The sandwiches are very European in that they’re minimalist, three ingredients at best (personally, I think two is just right). Krawec also makes her own juices, from watermelon-lemonade to even her own Kambucha, which she sent me back to the office with the other day, since I was sick with a cold. Sweetened with honey, the dark sludge was actually completely delicious. I'm not sure I was healed, but I was definitely fulfilled.

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