Crushpad Goes to France


Crushpad, San Francisco's brilliant innercity home/professional winemaking facility in SOMA has big news. If you've grown tired or are not interested in making wine from some of California's top appellations, why not try one of France's?

The company that enables ordinary civilians to buy grapes, ferment them, age them and create their own wine with little-to-no hassle is opening a new facility in arguably the most famous wine region in the world: Bordeaux. And at a stately, real Bordeaux chateau in St. Emilion, as well. All the Crushpad signatures are here--help buying grapes from top, well-known vineyards, expert winemaking consultation and assistance (you can choose to do it all yourself or have it all done for you), help with label design and bottling. Many people have used Crushpad to launch their own commercial brands without quitting their day job.

You don't have to live in southwest France to make wine at Crushpad Bordeaux, either. You can visit periodically or simply follow the whole process online. I could see lots of people having interest in comparing their California efforts with what's possible in Bordeaux. It could be a great learning experience, not to mention that if Robert Parker likes your wine, you could be proclaimed the next up-and-coming garagiste and get rich! Check out the operation at Crushpad Bordeaux.


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