Cult Metal Legend Weedeater Brings Walls Of Noise to the Independent This Thursday


Band press releases get dumped in my email inbox every morning, afternoon and evening. Sadly most of them can either be categorized as thoroughly obnoxious (like those of Wavves), or straight up forgettable. Not the ones having anything to do with legendary sludge metallers Weedeater. Don't confuse them with the nation's preeminent brand of mowers, blowers and trimmers; these stoned Southern gents periodically light up my days with semi-annual reports of insane on-tour injuries, like when vocalist-bassist "Dixie" Dave Collins literally shot himself in the foot earlier this year with his favorite shotgun by accident. Or when drummer Keko tore his meniscus, and guitarist Shep broke his "goddamn pinkie." Those are the exact words that show up in this band's press releases.

These mishaps may have postponed their 2011 album Jason....The Dragon (Southern Lord) a few months, but they haven't kept them from constantly being on the road for years, honing their raging live shows and getting venue after venue to fill with, ahem, smoke, thanks to their slow-moving wall of intensely harsh sound. And certainly, heavy doses of pain meds have contributed more atmospheric sounds to their oeuvre. Formed in 1997 with members from a fallen-apart Buzzov-en (a band that pretty much invented sludge metal), they've risen through the ranks to gain cult hero-status. Local band Saviours opens, making this show not to be missed. Take a listen below.

Weedeater, "Time Served" by 7x7SF

Weedeater, "Bull" by 7x7SF

Grab tickets here. Show starts at 8 pm Thursday night at the Independent, 628 Divisadero St., 415-771-1421.

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