Cuppa Love


Lana pours a mean mug.

Technically, I’m supposed to blog about alcoholic beverages, but today I’m going to talk about something that almost everyone who indulges in stiff drinks also needs: coffee. Specifically, I’m going to write about one very special little coffee shop of San Francisco, The Coffee Roaster in the Financial District.

Now you can wax poetic about your macchiato from Blue Bottle or write dissertations on your triple latte from Ritual, and those coffees truly are special. Or you can hang out at hipster coffee shops like Muddy Waters in the Mission or Bean There in the lower Haight and squirm underneath the often surly service.
The Coffee Roaster is not like these places. What it has—and what you need after a hard night of drinking—is love. Run by the irrepressible Russian beauty Lana, at The Coffee Roaster every cup comes with an affectionate, accented “dahhliing” or “sweetie,” a smile, and a “have a great day,” which you know is offered with absolute sincerity and beneficence. The coffee is Graffeo, which is good, if not quite as artisanal as some of those mentioned above—but it does the trick. Because a blessing from Lana in the form of a smile and a cup of joe can soothe even the worst drink-induced afflictions.
The Coffee Roaster, 536 Davis St., 397-1133
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