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Alexander Wang Alexander Wang
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With the new Barney’s New York store right around the corner from the 7x7 offices, it’s easy to stop in for an intended quick jaunt and end up staying for your complete lunch break. This has happened to me on two occasions and both times I feel so elated by the midday fashion stimulation that I don’t mind the fact that I haven’t seen the blue sky or the outside world in hours. One of my latest Barney's-inspired fixations is designer Alexander Wang, who at only 23-years-old has mastered the hard-to-achieve aesthetic of chic minimalism with a subversive kick. His pieces manage to make a statement without being audacious—think downtown attitude mixed with uptown class and luxe fabrics. For his spring 2008 collection, Wang updated the ’90s power suit silhouette with over-sized blazers and playful shorts that add a sense of humor and a rock n' roll feel to the business casual of yesteryear. I’m particularly drawn to Wang’s exquisite tailoring, which makes even the most basic of pieces seem rich and plush. Here are a few of my favorite looks for the spring collection, which will be hitting stores in the next couple of weeks. And yes, that’s me perusing the racks in the Co-op section on my break, and no, I don’t miss enjoying the beautiful day when I am surrounded by inspirational clothing.

Alexander Wang Alexander Wang

Barney's New York 48 Stockton St., 415-229-2029
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