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Erin, 27, assistant editor/writer
Lives in: Downtown/Civic Center
Wearing: H&M scarf (but I took scissors to the awful fringe that used to line the edges); H&M heart necklace (yes, the gold will fade off, but then you have a brand new silver necklace); H&M sweater; Forever 21 tank; H&M skirt (but I snipped off a Minnie Mouse-esque bow); Target tights; H&M knee socks; Seychelles boots; Old Navy bag (A girl—you know the type—once asked me, “Is that the new Marc Jacobs’ bag?!” and I got to say, “No, it’s from Old Navy, $16.99.”
My style icon: While this look may not express it clearly, I aim to dress like a 15-year-old boy who works on a yacht dock on the Mediterranean. My fashion staples are navy blue Keds and horizontal stripes. I’ve been tossing around the idea of an anchor tattoo.
Most recent fashion find: While I was in SD this weekend with my ladies, we were all swapping clothes and I tried on a great red plaid, puffy-sleeved tie-necked top. My friend said it looked better on me and shoved it in my bag before I left. Score.

*Title supplied by subject to describe her look.

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