Wondering where the chefs go for a bite on their days off? David “Baz” Bazirgan has a penchant for barbecue. Something about slow-cooked meats—tender, touched with smoke and eaten out of hand—makes him a little bit fanatical.

“Memphis Minnie’s was the first barbecue place I discovered after moving to San Francisco in 2003. They have country music cranking, paper towels on the tables and a very friendly and hospitable staff. I recommend the two-way combo with pulled pork and either the big beef ribs or St. Louis–style ribs with hand-cut fries and slaw or beans. My new favorite is Roadside Barbeque on Geary. The brisket is the best I have ever had, with wonderful marbling, tremendous flavor and a nice balance of smoke and seasonings. The baby-back ribs are also excellent—falling off the bone, with a great texture—and their mac-‘n’-cheese is off the hook!”

Memphis Minnie’s, 576 Haight St., 415-861-7675
Roadside Barbeque, 3751 Geary Blvd., 415-221-7427

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photo by: Stefanie Michejda