Decorating Assistance that Doesn't Cost a Dime


We don't want to bring up the dreaded E(conomy)-word, but with the high cost of decorating a home, many interior designers have been feeling the pinch lately. In order to bridge the gap between DIYing (Decorating It Yourself) and having it professionally done for a hefty sum, a few enterprising souls are forging ahead by creating new online decorative services. Local web start-up Sproost takes you through a series of quizzes to determine your style type, then lets you browse through furniture and design elements that match your preferences. We had some problems getting the site to load at first, but overall found it to be a fun and free tool in helping decide if you lean more toward Hollywood Couture or Arts and Crafts interiors. Design blog This Young House takes reader-submitted rooms needing a little (okay, or sometimes a lot) of decorating assistance and create mood boards complete with paint chips and products to help amp up the tired spaces. If you're looking for a more personalized solution, services like locally-based Dwellings By Mail and LA designer Jason Martin's newest project DIY+ will get your specs and create your whole space for around $200-700 per room. So would you try an e-decorating service? If you already have, let us know how it went in the comments.

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