Dede Wilsey’s Pink Insanity Steals Show at Beach Blanket Babylon 40th Anniversary


Some gifts come in square velvet boxes. Some come in the form of a $20 Target gift card. Others come to you right on the steps of San Francisco City Hall. Take, for example, Dede Wilsey, who poured herself into this fabulous/terrifying Glinda the Good Witch costume, ruffles and all, at Friday’s 40th anniversary celebration of Beach Blanket Babylon.

And just look at her. Glorious.

But if you think this sartorial shock of pink is something new for Dede, think again. She often errs on the side of dusty rose and copious ruffles. Wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled this straight from her closet.  I bet she wears this to Taco Tuesdays. (Dede Wilsey does not do Taco Tuesdays.)

Aforementioned Good Witch aside, a gaggle of other high society sect members and local politicos donned aggressively flamboyant BBB outfits to celebrate America’s longest-running musical. Mayor Ed Lee, Willie Brown (as, of course, a king), George Shultz (as Superman), Charlotte Shultz (as a head-turning Wonder Woman), Michael Tilson Thomas (also in pink), BBB producer Jo Schuman Silver, and the cast of BBB. Other notables in attendance included Attorney General Kamala Harris, Senator Mark Leno, Rep. Jackie SpeierAnn GettyPam and Larry BaerWilkes Bashford, and a slew of others.

If you haven’t experienced Beach Blanket Babylonyou really should. As a San Franciscan, it’s practically required viewing.

All photos courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography 

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