Dee Vine Wedding


One of my favorite people in the wine industry is Dade Theriot, the owner of Dee Vine Wines on Pier 19. Dade is the most knowledgeable person about his passion—German wines—that I know, and he’s exceedingly generous with them, as he is with all things. He's also a Beethoven fanatic and an all-around eccentric, as was evinced by his wedding in which attendees were invited to come either in formal dress or in early 19th century costume.

In white wig, frock coat and leggings, Dade himself looked something in between his composer hero and Benjamin Franklin, as he made his vows and otherwise entertained guests the rest of the night. His bride, Carol Pott, is a truly remarkable woman for many reasons, but has a wine connection, too, in that her talented brother Aaron Pott is the former winemaker at such Napa houses as St. Clement and Quintessa. He performed the ceremony in papal attire.

Dade’s Woodside estate was the setting, and given the cold temperatures, its courtyards were entirely tented and heated (barely), yet still the glory of his redwood grove showed through the plastic ceiling. For the ceremony and dinner, Theriot poured German Riesling (of course) as well as a lovely 2002 Burgundy from Domaine de la Vougeraie.

As the dancing commenced, a few ventured down into Dade’s estimable cellar to swig a little wine. I bounced between there and the dance floor, where his amazing cake, sculpted as a bust of Beethoven, was being served.

Lots of wine industry royalty were there, along the lines of Arietta’s John Kongsgaard, Saintsbury’s Dick Ward, Masa’s sommelier Alan Murray and Spruce’s wine director Andrew Green.

Given the joy and goodwill at the event, they clearly have nothing but good vintages in their future. Congrats to Dade and Carol.

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