I get quite a few samples of wine—and generally appreciate the wineries that send them. It helps me discover new wines and chart the progress of all the great labels I already know.

Sometimes, however, wineries tend to get a little too cute in the way they promote themselves. I understand the need to stand out in a highly competitive market, but occasionally it crosses the line from amusing to annoying. I’ve been shipped Walla Walla onions and a recipe for onion rings along with a Washington Merlot, and I’ve been sent an oversized oven mit, barbecue tongs and cheap sunglasses to go with some Napa cab.

But this last one takes the cake: A winery called Paso Creek sent an entire mailbox stuffed with two bottles of wine and a sheet called the Paso Creek Gazette. Cute idea, but I have no idea how to dispose of the aluminum mailbox. It’s certainly something I have zero use for.

As for the wine? I haven’t tried it yet.