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I'm writing from my quaint veranda in Positano, Italy, along the Amalfi coast. A bunch of us from all over the U.S. flew here for a friend's wedding, all so that this pair could make their vows in front of us and in turn have us vow to hold them accountable.

I've attended a zillion weddings and of that zillion only a few stand out as truly spectacular. Last night was one of those times. To clarify, the weddings that have faded into the woodwork are the ones that though perfect and flawless have still felt like they could've been for or with anyone. Of course the weddings where bets are made as to how quickly the bride and groom will divorce aren't so great either.

This Italian wedding was not only in an “achingly picturesque” setting—according to Frommer’s, and it was so right—but the couple created an event that was a unique representation of who they are as individuals and how they'll be when they're united. They exchanged vows that were honest, vulnerable and revealing. I felt relieved learning that the groom got that my friend is the funniest person on the planet. And I loved hearing the story of how the bride pursued him methodically and with great success (obviously) just as she has done in every aspect of her life. After an hour of ceremony and heartfelt toasts, I felt I could fulfill my role as witness and guest.

I talked to the bride today, and yes, they had sex—I'd heard that many couples don't on their wedding night.  It's good to know the extra 18 bottles of wine we drank with them didn't hold them back!

Pierre Valette, Elizabeth Morse and Charlotte Rubin at the rehearsal dinner.

We went by boat to the reception, and yes, it was romantic.

Denise Mitchell and Steve Muller               Caroline Paul and John Mason


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