In somewhat predictable Karen O fashion, wardrobe changes were abundant and the vivacity was tangible at the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah concert at the Oakland Fox Theater. From a pink zebra-striped onesie with detachable “mane,” fringed kicks and blue tights to a multi-colored geometric poncho followed by a tribal-themed sumo wrap with huge gold mirrored necklace. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds, but somehow it always seems to work for the high-energy indie queen.

Her favorite stage antics were present and accounted for, the ‘ol spray water out of her mouth and leg shake tricks, but the unexpected part? Definitely the dominant mellow moments in the show and the impressively long and strong encore that carried the crowd through the roof. They opened with “Skeletons,” kind of setting the tone for their newer It’s Blitz material, and they kept the crowd waiting until the middle of the encore for “Maps,” which is never disappointing.

All in all, confetti canons, their giant blow-up eyeball, impressively well-coordinated light shows, astonishing wardrobes and their kinetic energy blew the crowd away, always leaving them begging for more.