photography by Rick Camargo

Greetings Chums,

“Everyone loves Cox.” That’s what actor John C. Reilly bellowed from the stage as he performed for one night only as the legendary Dewey Cox.

This was no ordinary rock concert, it was pants down, one of the most rip-roaringly funny and brilliant live performances I have ever witnessed.

This exclusive Cox concert followed a San Francisco screening of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.  The packed Great American Music Hall couldn’t wait for Dewey to make his entrance. “We want Cox,” chanted the throng of female, and male, Cox lovers.

Cox didn’t disappoint—singing a dozen songs that were all featured in the film. The band was tight, and so were Cox’s pants, which only encouraged the army of Cox fans. “I love ya Dewey Cox,” screamed a female fan. “Thanks, buddy,” said Dewey.

Check out his movie when it opens next week across America. You’ll laugh hard at Walk Hard a parody of all those gloriously dramatic and over-the-top movie biopics. Dewey will have you laughing and crying and after seeing the film you, too, will love Dewey Cox.