Different types of Garnishing every Foodie must know about


Garnishes are an inseparable part of cooking. They not only make dishes look attractive but also accentuate the flavors of the food secretly. There are many different types of garnishes used and served all across the world.

You can either garnish your food with a slice of fruit or carve some delicate flower petals on it. No matter, you try the former or the latter, you must know about different types of garnishes to furnish the exact goal of garnishing. Adding the right garnish to the food is an art and one has to master the art to become a successful chef.

A dish garnished with the best ingredients tempts the appetite and also makes the food visually attractive. Here is some insight of the garnishing world you must know about:

Fruit Garnish:
This is the simplest yet effective way of making your food visually and tastefully attractive. You can slice a lemon into fine slices and adorn your dish or scoop out a whole lemon and use it as a sauce served with your food.

Any fruit can be used for this deed keeping in mind the dish and its complimentary ingredients.

Herb Garnish:
Herbs offer the much-wanted aroma to the food. The right selection of herb, when added to the dish does wonders to the taste and visuals. You must sprinkle the herbs over the dish before you serve it hot.

Another striking way to garnish the food with herbs is visual art; you can make a bouquet of the herbs and place it on the plate before you serve the food. The different types of herbs available are thyme, oregano, basil, coriander, parsley, etc.

Vegetable garnishes:
Another great way to accentuate the spirit of your food is vegetable garnish. You can carve cucumber into lily flowers, make roses out of tomatoes and tulips with carrots to make you food look delicious.

The raw vegetable garnish is always great as you can try many innovative things with them. It is always suggested to keep your vegetable garnishes in ice cold water to keep them fresh and composite.

Green garnishes:
Serving a plain plate of food is a turn off to the appetite. But, when some leafy greens are added to the same, the dish makes a delectable sight. You can use some lettuce to make your roasted chicken breast look more scrumptious, or beetroot red and greens to add visual attractiveness.

A cabbage head used to serve some gravy or sauce is another way to make your food delectable.

Flower Garnishes:
Here you need to be a little more attentive and only use flowers that are edible. And yes, use only organic flowers as the others might have a huge amount of pesticides or insecticides on it. Pansies, nasturtiums & Roses are some examples of edible plants. Flower garnishing is primarily used in sweet dishes.

Sauce garnishes:
The sauce is not only a complimentary serving or cooking ingredients but it is great garnish as well. You can try your artistic hand while garnishing your food with sauce and make splendid art on the plate. These are many types of garnishes that are used to make food yummier and visually attractive. You can also try your new invention ideas to make your cooking appear unique. However, whatever garnish you choose, ensure that it complements the food and are safe & attractive to serve.

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