Dirty Projectors at The Independent: A Full House


The Dirty Projectors have been surprising critics and fans alike with their new burst of energy and creativity, especially when it comes to their live shows. The sextuplet opened last night with their love song lullaby, “Two Doves,” sung only by über-famous indie artist and multi-instrumentalist, Angel Deradoorian and musical director/lead singer, Dave Longstreth on stage. Taking cues from Longstreth who was clearly running the show, the Dirty Projectors slid through their entire new album slowly building up to some of crowd favorites like their hit single, “Stillness Is The Move,” in which group hottie Amber Coffman did a little dancing that made the boys (and girls) swoon. Other impressive tunes like “Temecula Sunrise,” and closer, “Fluorescent Half Dome,” showcased the group’s keen ability to use their own gut-wrenchingly beautiful voices as pure instruments. Case and point – the gorgeous harmonies between Deradoorian, Coffman and new addition, Haley Dekle in “Useful Chamber,” and “Remade Horizon,” were so completely perfect and on point they almost seemed unreal.

For a band led by Longstreth with an otherwise rotating list of cast members, the Dirty Projectors appear to have found the winning combination with these 3 very talented ladies and holding down the direction and rhythm section (Brian Mcomber on drums and Nat Baldwin handling the bass) with 3 convincingly amazing gentleman. To one of the most packed houses we’ve seen at The Independent, Dirty Projectors presented their brand of melodic organized chaos in the most fluent, and strikingly beautiful ways possible. We hope to see them again very soon.

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